How to position your software business for success?

Would you buy something if you didn’t know what you were buying?
Can you market a product without knowing who would want to buy it?

No and No.

Yet you’d be surprised at how many software developers build and market products without a clear understanding of their software’s position in the market place.

Positioning is the foundation of all marketing activities. Let’s not forget this simple concept. Until you define your product, its target market (‘users’ is a better word), and the reasons why the market would want to buy it, you cannot begin to position it.

This is why every marketing group’s first critical responsibility is to position the product. And this positioning must be clear and logical –> both to your company and the market place.

Answer these basic questions:

  • What category or type of product am I selling?
  • What class of product am I selling? (In the retail market, usually low- or high-end. In the markets for higher end and enterprise software, there may exist a middle ground.)
  • What are the significant features and benefits of the software product with respect to the target audience’s expectations? Other products in this category? In other words, what is the value proposition (also called “value prop”) of your software and services and how will it assist your customers to overcome problems and meet their goals and objectives?

After answering these positioning questions, you may be able to:

  • Build a product that meets the competitive specifications of the market where it is competing.
  • Target the audience that wants to use your kind of product.
  • Set product price realistically and competitively.
  • Focus on the channel partners to provide your product with maximum distribution push.

When you use this content to market your business or product, that is part of content marketing.


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