Installation Guide

An Installation Guide is a type of technical document that describes the steps required to install software, hardware, or any items that need to be assembled.

In other words, an Installation Guide is a technical communication document intended to assist people on how to install a particular program or assemble something.

An installation guide may include the following information:

  • The first part of a guide may give general instructions.
  • Information on the minimum system requirements.
  • Installation methods.
  • List of appendices that provide more detailed installation notes.

Who puts together the Installation Guide?

In general, an installation guide is written by a technical writer. Typically, they will work with system administrators and others involved in the installation process for technical information. For example, Quality Assurance and Business Analysts may also have inputs.

Here are the main components of a typical software installation guide:

  • System Requirements (or Prerequisites)
  • Overview of System or Product Features
  • Minimal Quick Start Configuration
  • Set-Up Configurations
  • Maintenance and Error Messages and Troubleshooting

Including diagrams or drawings

Include one or more charts or drawings (as appropriate) describing how to install the software (or the product).

Show the correct wiring connections, if any. If any physical installation is involved, including a drawing of screwdrivers or other tools attaching the product properly by driving screws or rivets, etc.