Adjusting Content Marketing

Here’s a challenge with content marketing:

finding an authoritative voice for your brand in a highly competitive category that actually is (or appears) saturated with experts – all vying for the attention of consumers. This is especially the case in finance where relationshops and credibility is built while offering advice to consumers. This makes the waters difficult to navigate. Some of the experts offer sound advice; some not so much.

Question: How does a relatively less known finance  business (or any service business) build out a content strategy that is genuinely trustworthy and reputable, while still maintaining its brand’s identity and helping ROI?

It’s called the “content marketer’s paradox” — balancing content marketing  creation with less cost while maintaing ROI graph.

Traditional view of marketing

We think it is important to take a traditional view of marketing. To keep their visibility up, a firm would continue to market themselves using print, billboards, tv, radio or affiliates. The budgets adjusted but marketing never stopped.

Same applies to content marketing. You can adjust budgets and methodologies, but you can’t stop.


The rise in mobile-device usage means brands must create richer in-platform content, such as videos, photos, gifs, and link posts, that can be accessed easily and consumed quickly.

They need to produce more content on more channels.

Build your own content marketing platform

We encourage brands to take more advantage of their own websites and blogs. These channels don’t require paid content distribution to reach an audience. This is not easy, or any less competitive but the traffic generated can be more organic.

Digital Age

Despite the fact that engagement continues to vary, brands cannot let up on content production. This is the digital age.

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