What’s the difference between Content, Inbound and Social Media Marketing?

Ever wonder what’s the difference between Content, Inbound and Social Media Marketing?

Let’s see.

Content Marketing – there is content on your website i.e.  regular post, updates, press releases, pages, feeds, announcements, newsletters, bits and bites that are relevant to what you do. They are searchable. When a user or potential client puts something in a search box or a friend, fan, follower or client passes your content along, the content attracts viewers to your site. Basically, this content does your marketing for you.

Inbound Marketing – this is the science (or art?) of attracting and bringing people to your site. Content marketing is at the very center of this approach. When your content is compelling enough, your readers will pass your content – could be pictures, videos, infographics, results or case studies – to others so that their natural efforts bring (not push) people to your site. This is done via the share button/function placed on your website.

Social Media Marketing – this is incorporating the social to promote the content – actions such as share, interact, pass around, vote, thumbs up/down, retweet, like – on your website. Once again at the center of this approach is something that is really worth sharing and talking about.

Companies like to think that having a great design, brand and buttons in place makes them ready for inbound marketing. It may not be enough. They still need something to market… to the right audience.

Readers first, buyers later. They want something interesting, something attractive = solid content. The content does the marketing.

The content must be findable. Findable means the prospect or searcher comes upon it … as opposed to the marketer always pushing it to unsuspecting people.

Get your content marketing efforts right and the rest will go to work for you.

Ask me to speak to your pr/marketing team.  I understand Content, Inbound and Social Media marketing. And I know Search.

I work with you as a consultant.

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