Brand Visibility

Brand = promise of satisfaction.
Visibility = the degree to which something has attracted general attention; prominence.
Brand Visibility = Ability of a brand to be found by prospective buyers.

Companies do different things to improve visibility of their brands.


  1. Real Estate: Remax reminds of their presence using their giant balloons.
  2. Software: Cloud services provider Zendesk invested time and energy in creating a fake brand Zendeskalternative – a site that serves a behind-the-scenes video interview of alternative-punk band Zendesk. In reality, the entire existence of the Zendesk alternative punk band is a marketing ploy by cloud-based customer support service Zendesk. After realizing the traffic for the phrase “Zendesk alternative” was on the rise, they decided to take SEO matters in their own hand.
  3. Hardware: Laptops feature the Intel stickers. Also in 1994, Intel commissioned composer Walter Werzowa to create a three-second jingle for the Intel Inside TV commercials. The five-note “Intel Bong” now has been around for more than 20 years and is one of the world’s most recognizable sounds.
  4. Healthcare: Cancer Treatment Centers of America (CTCA®) has an innovative arrangement with WebMD, with whom CTCA has worked collaboratively to provide visitors across WebMD’s Consumer Network with comprehensive and actionable information about the latest developments in cancer care. (CTCA won the Gold Award in the “Best Service Line Campaign” category for its overall marketing communications program and the Silver Award for “Best Digital Campaign”.)
  5. Banking: Citibank partnered with convenience store brand 7-11 and installed ATM kiosks. This helped improve Citibank’s visibility at thousands of non-bank locations.
  6. Retail: In retail, branded shopping bags are commonplace to improve brand visibility.

Your business brand becomes visible by being seen, being read, and by being shared.

Visibility can be achieved both through word of mouth as well as with the help of marketing and latest web initiatives.

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