Identifying Content That Drives Results

To identify what types of content works best for you, your webmaster can review your website’s analytics and look at the pieces that have generated the most traffic, leads, sales, or other desirable metrics.

Look at the healthcare topics that have generated the most interest and engagement from your audience and try to center your new efforts on creating similar pieces.

Building additional content around these popular topics will not only have a significant impact on your overall user experience, but it will also give your SEO a noticeable boost.

Quality is more important than quantity

So if your team can only gets a few articles or blog posts completed in a month, then that’s the baseline you start with. In time your process will become more efficient and your production will increase. Depending on the size of your budget, you’ll want to hire additional help in the writing department so you can create consistent medical content for your audience.

While you may find writers who can write for less (and this may be a good strategy to start with), it will require additional work on your end to make sure the content they deliver is at par with the value your audience is seeking.

Analyze your competitor’s content marketing strategy

A great place to start when you’re getting ready to create new content is to look around and identify the types of content that are working for similar hospitals and clinics, especially your competitors. It’s important to do some self-evaluation as well.

Take a detailed look at the types of content you’ve already put out and pay attention to which ones have been most successful. By doing both of these things, you should have a good grasp on the type of content you’ll want to create, and a great start down your path to success.

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