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Is Content Still King?

Nearly every agency website screams “Content is king.” You go through all stages of content creation. Involve your design, development and editorial teams. No detail is left to chance. As part of your rigorous process of ideas – you even asked your friends to rate the new content, “Is this boring, valuable, inspiring, funny, shareable, etc.” Yes … Read more

Heard these software positioning stategies?

There are several methods a software / technology business can use to build a clear visual image around a product or packaged service. One is to consider initially positioning the product around a “shelter” or an “umbrella.” Shelter Strategy A “shelter” is a product or concept that is already clearly established in the mind of the buyer. … Read more

Do you use FAB to market your software?

Feature, Advantage, Benefit (FAB) It is not difficult to see the difference between a feature and a benefit. Developers mistakenly present their software product’s features as the solution to their customer’s problem. That won’t work because what the customer really wants to know is how your product or service will benefit them. Features Tell, But … Read more

Content curation?

Your content got disease, needs cure?  Lets simplify – Content curation = process of collecting, organizing and displaying information about to a particular topic or area of interest. People who do this are known as content curators. (That was easy!) Content curation isn’t a new phenomenon. Museums, galleries have always had curators to select items … Read more

Do you know about Software Promotion? (Part 2)

Continuing where we left in Part 1 .. 5. Click Marketing Important search engines place ads near search results in return of a small amount. It is called pay-per-click (PPC) advertising. The idea behind this marketing technique is to bid for relevant “keywords” that bring pertinent results related to the product you’re selling, and place … Read more

Bundling: a software marketing strategy

Wikipedia describes it something like this – Bundled software is software distributed with another product – such as a piece of computer hardware or other electronic device – or a group of software applications that are sold together. A ‘software suite’ basically is a package of bundled software. One example you can easily relate to … Read more