Is Content Still King?

Nearly every agency website screams “Content is king.”

You go through all stages of content creation. Involve your design, development and editorial teams. No detail is left to chance. As part of your rigorous process of ideas – you even asked your friends to rate the new content, “Is this boring, valuable, inspiring, funny, shareable, etc.”

Yes it just doesn’t break through the walls of attention. What do you think to yourself?

That we can’t be sure that the best content always wins or even finds its way close to the top. Success or failure of content can be completely random. Some of the best work withers and dies without notice, while other projects that were done with limited thought process/budget gets surprisingly good results. While audience response cannot be predicted, one rule holds true: relevancy rules.

Great content is, well, great. But you don’t need to have millions of fans or followers. Niche, specialty content is harder to produce, but can result in higher value than what the masses love. You need the right kind of audience (not just right amount). In the end, I think we need to define how we measure success. Sometimes engagement is an objective.

So, is content still the kind? We think relevant content still is, will always be.


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