Bundling: a software marketing strategy

Wikipedia describes it something like this –

Bundled software is software distributed with another product – such as a piece of computer hardware or other electronic device – or a group of software applications that are sold together.software bundling

A ‘software suite’ basically is a package of bundled software. One example you can easily relate to is: Microsoft bundles word processor, spreadsheet, powerpoint presentation tool, drawing tool visio, and a database all into a single office suite.)

Anyone will tell you – marketing software product is about getting your software out there, getting recognized as the quality product with features and functionalities that user cares about. One of the major problems with this though – especially if you are someone new in the field of building and marketing software – is that most likely you are just another participant in a very crowded playing field.

To improve exposure, increase credibility – association with a different software can be helpful. Cost effective also because you may be able to share advertising costs.

Note, software bundle may not always be perceived as a bundle in the eyes of the purchaser.

I know a firm that makes trading software. The software can connect to different stock exchanges in equities and foreign exchange markets. While the product is largely the same, the company markets them as three platforms: Equities trading system, FX trading system and Multi-asset class trading solution. The latter commanding premium ofcourse.


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