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What is Technical Writing?

Technical writing is a specialized practice where the purpose is to explain a technical concept, instruct the audience or provide help and directions about a particular task. Technical content is created for, and consumed by, users seeking specific guidance on a topic. This type of writing includes documentation, such as user manuals, install/configuration guides, release … Read more

Branding Process

WHO YOU ARE: Defines the character of your brand. Identify your core values, purpose, and vision. Unify your organization through an honest expression of your values, vision and purpose. POSITIONING: Your brand promise – what do you want to be famous for? Your customers, competitors, differentiation and brand touch points. Don’t try to be everything … Read more

4 Tips to Improve Your Technical Writing Outcomes

1. Know your audience Written communications are most effective when they are targeted and personal. Build your writing around the needs and interests of the user of your technology product. Most technical documents – blog articles, white papers, manuals, reports, brochures are written for many readers, not just an individual. You may not know the … Read more

How to write a technical white paper

A technical white paper is a document that describes how a technology or product solves a particular problem. A good white paper is informative and is written to give readers an idea about the advantages of a product or technology. Writing a whitepaper requires deep understanding of a product’s technology as well as its application … Read more

What is domain reputation?

Domain reputation refers to the health or condition of your branded domain. Who determines your domain reputation? ISPs & Mailbox providers. Among the prominent ISPs, Gmail has Google Postmaster which tracks the domain & IP reputation, while Hotmail has SNDS which tracks the IP reputation. Your sending reputation, or how mailbox providers judge your mail, … Read more