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Adjusting Content Marketing

Here’s a challenge with content marketing: finding an authoritative voice for your brand in a highly competitive category that actually is (or appears) saturated with experts – all vying for the attention of consumers. This is especially the case in finance where relationshops and credibility is built while offering advice to consumers. This makes the waters …

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How to position your software business for success?

Brand positioning dallas

Would you buy something if you didn’t know what you were buying? Can you market a product without knowing who would want to buy it? No and No. Yet you’d be surprised at how many software developers build and market products without a clear understanding of their software’s position in the market place. Positioning is …

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Like UBER’s new look?

UBER – the apps based transportation network – announced their new look and feel. The much familiar ‘U’ has been replaced with colorful geometric icons that are different for drivers and riders. The new logo is a circle with a square in the middle set for riders. And the second icon is a hexagon with …

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Does Content Marketing work?


Someone asked me the question: ‘does content marketing work for any type of business?’ My answer: Yes, content marketing works in all scenarios where you are trying to market a product or service online. Let’s take example of a financial consultant. This consultant person has knowledge and expertise that they can use to create relevant …

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Confusing Branding

Don't settle for confusing branding

Brand stands for one, or two things. Rarely more than two. It means your customers remember you for a certain kind of product or service. It also means every time they buy from you, they expect a certain experience. This expectation could be a result of a prior purchase from you or because someone told …

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Power of Content Marketing


If there is one thing that you could do to power your business online, what would that be? Add content! That’s right! There is no other method. Think about it: 50 years back, or even 25 years back, brands were built through investment in real estate, huge billboard advertising and of-course word-of-mouth. That isn’t so …

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